Rossi Team for the ‘Race Around Ireland’

About Us
On a Sunday evening in late 2014, as the pints flowed, cycling talk moved from the hills around Rostrevor Co Down, to the Alps and back to the Race Around Ireland. A few hours later we were departing the pub and shaking hands on a commitment to take part in the 2015 Race Around Ireland. Three weeks later the entry fees were paid, the commitment was set in stone and the training started.

This page will document our journey over the next seven months as we plan and train for the 2015 Race Around Ireland. It will also follow our progress during the race itself.



Hi, I’m Rowan McMahon, no stranger to travelling on two wheels having taken part in a couple of Transalp Challenges and other long distance MTB races in recent years. My focus over the last few years has moved from mountain biking to running to adventure racing and a mix of everything in between.

The 2015 Race Around Ireland will be my first foray into the world of endurance cycling and I am looking forward to stepping up to the challenge. Live just outside Warrenpoint, Co Down with my wife and three kids.


Hi, my name is Barry Tinnelly, I live in Rostrevor with my wife and two children and thoroughly enjoy a sporting challenge. After a lifetime of playing gaelic football and doing a small amount of mountain running, I decided to hang up the football boots and got myself involved in the world of endurance sports.

I have competed in ultra running, mountain biking and adventure races in Ireland, England and Switzerland, but never in any major Road bike activities or races. That changed in March 2014, since then I have been doing a bit more road cycling, competing in local club leagues and I suppose holding my own against the more seasoned guys.

I always like to get involved in a challenge, the Race around Ireland is one of the toughest road bike races in Europe and I hope you will support us with comments or advice, as myself and Rowan prepare in the coming months for the toughest Road Race in Europe.